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About Southern Rehab
(Richmond Physio)

“Richmond Physiotherapy Centre is committed to the delivery of an effective, efficient, professional and patient-centred physiotherapy and rehabilitation service by responding to individual, business and community needs and fostering well-being and independence.”

We bring together a team of skilled physiotherapists and occupational therapists with the specialist knowledge and dedication to manage your condition.

We are the body detectives, committed to reducing pain and increasing mobility by finding the right solution for you.

“Rehabilitation is a problem-solving, educative and collaborative process aimed at restoring optimal well-being and independence”

Our treatment encourages self-management and promotes independence to all age groups.

Phone us: 03 544 0327
Address: 2-01, 355 Lower Queen Street, Richmond

Our services


Southern Rehab Richmond (previously Richmond Physiotherapy) are the experts at designing specific rehabilitation programmes that meet your unique needs. We’ll work together to help you reach your recovery goals.

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From hands-on treatment to individual strengthening programmes, our physiotherapists work with you to focus on achieving the results you’re looking for.

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Work Health

Southern Rehab Richmond (previously Richmond Physiotherapy) has a focus on health and safety in the workplace – keeping you fit and healthy for work and helping you successfully return to work following injury.

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